Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents Handling Tractor-Trailer Wrecks in Illinois and Missouri each year large trucks and semi-trailers seriously injure or kill thousands of people, while truck crashes seriously injure over 100,000 people. Semi-trucks need more time to stop, have big blind spots and require more space than normal cars to completes turns and change lanes. Your vehicle is seriously over matched and you may sustain a personal injury when sharing the road with a large truck or semi-trailer. When attempting to recover compensation for your injuries, you may be over matched as well. Who Is Responsible For My Semi-Truck Accident? Get a Professional to Investigate Your 18 Wheeler Case Truck drivers can be liable for wrongful death or any personal injuries caused by their lack of care in operation of their trucks. This lack of care is referred to as negligence. In the case of a semi-truck accident, this means that the truck driver had a duty to carefully drive his or her semi-truck, but the driver failed fulfill this duty.

However, another company or person may have caused your accident. For example, the company that loaded the truck, the dispatcher who was working the tractor trailed too hard, or even the owner of the semi may have been negligent. If there was a mistake in the design of the truck, the manufacturer of the truck or the manufacturer of the component parts may be liable for product liability and for negligence.

If the truck driver has been negligent, his or her employer is vicariously liable for the negligence of their employee. An employer may be directly responsible, as well, if they knew that the driver was not properly qualified or if they hired an incompetent or untrained driver. This includes hiring a driver who has a record of DUIs or traffic accidents and includes not firing an employee who has received a DWI or has caused a serious accident. Due to the low number of qualified drivers, companies often hire individuals with little to no semi-truck experience, which endangers your life.Experienced Attorneys and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rules Drivers of regular cars and trucks follow the Rules of the Road, issued by the Secretary of your state. These rules tell us what we are legally allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do. These rules also lay out how we must operate our vehicles to keep everyone around us safe. Because semi-trucks are so much heavier and more dangerous than the other vehicles on the road, they need to follow a set of regulations put out by the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Government in addition to the Rules of the Road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the governing body in charge of these regulations. Matthew Nagel and the attorneys at BiState Injury Law Center know these rules very well. More importantly, they know how to put these rules to work for you. If you have been in an accident with a semi-truck, you need an attorney who understands these Federal Regulations. A lawyer who is experienced with semi-truck accident cases can negotiate with defense attorneys and unfair insurance adjusters, as well as guide you through the often challenging process of holding the responsible parties accountable.Contact A Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawyer. If you have been in a tractor-trailer accident and have questions about your case, please call to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. Consultations are free, so give us a call today and we will do our best to help you with your personal injury case.

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