Pedestrian Accidents

Representing Pedestrians Hit by Cars and Trucks in Illinois and Missouri

Accidents involving pedestrians are some of the most gruesome injuries that personal injury lawyers handle. Although automobile manufacturers have designed cars in such a way as to protect pedestrians from accidents, a human being is no match for more than 2,000 pounds of metal moving at incredibly high speeds. In pedestrian-vehicle collisions, the pedestrian often suffers broken bones, torn ligaments, severe lacerations, among many other wounds. Ultimately, the pedestrian is lucky to escape with his or her life. All too often, though, the pedestrian does not survive the accident, leaving family members to deal with tremendous grief and the financial burden left behind.

What Should I Do After a Hit and Run?

Unfortunately, drivers often do not stop after hitting a pedestrian with their vehicle. Rather than pull over and help the person they just injured, these drivers attempt to avoid responsibility for their actions and avoid being caught by the police. However, a personal injury lawyer with experience handling pedestrian hit and run cases may be able to find the vehicle operator by using traffic cameras and police records.

Most people do not know that their insurance covers them in the event of a pedestrian-vehicle collision. Your uninsured motorist coverage is required by law to provide a minimum of $20,000.00 in coverage to you in case of a hit and run accident. However, your insurance company does not offer this information to you willingly. An experienced personal injury attorney understands that this coverage may be the only way for you to pay all the expenses resulting from the hit and run, and will be able to collect this coverage from your insurance company.

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