Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Handling Injuries From Bad Nursing Homes in Illinois and Missouri. As our loved ones age, we begin to rely heavily on nursing homes, assisted living communities and in-home care to serve the needs of our elderly family members. As the community relies more heavily on these services, the care taken decreases. Unfortunate as it may be, those who are residents in nursing homes often receive poor treatment and sustain a personal injury or injuries. However, the injuries suffered in nursing homes are not necessarily from some malicious act, but often are caused by neglect. The company caring for your relative is understaffed and overworked. This causes their employees to fall short in providing the care that the residents require. If you believe yourself or an elderly relative to be in this situation, you can receive compensation and ensure that the appropriate care will be taken.Matthew Nagel is a nursing home abuse attorney with the necessary experience to manage elderly care injuries. He and the personal injury lawyers at BiState Injury Law Center work with you and your family to fight for the compensation you deserve. We know that the longer the neglect and abuse has been going on, the worse it gets. We bring in experts on the subject matter of nursing home abuse in order to best protect your rights and the health of your loved ones, What is Nursing Home Abuse? Nursing home abuse can be a very complicated matter. Direct abuse may take the form of physical abuse (smacking, hitting, throwing objects, etc.), sexual abuse and purposefully withholding food, water and medications. Emotional, mental and psychological abuse may be much harder to identify than physical abuse, but the damage is by no means less significant. This kind of abuse may take the form of consistent verbal comments, withholding letters and phone calls from family members and loved ones, and lying to the residents about family members or medical conditions. On the other hand, neglect occurs when employees forget to or are unable to take proper care of the residents. The employees may not be solely responsible. The managers of the facility may have allowed the facility to deteriorate to a condition where the health of the residents is in danger. If you or a loved one is suffering through these conditions, you can take legal action to fix the situation and receive the compensation you deserve.