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Dog Bite Claims

Handling injuries from dog bites in Illinois and Missouri

Dogs are part of our families – there is a good reason why we call them “man’s best friend.” However, many of these animals have been bred to inflict devastating physical damage to people or other animals. Moreover, animals can be highly protective of people and territory, fiercely attacking anyone they perceive as a threat.  Unfortunately, even dogs that are normally friendly and love being around people can lash out, causing a serious dog bite injury when they are afraid or being protective.  In those situations you may be seriously injured, scared, and confused as to what your legal rights are and how you can get the medical attention you need.

Dog bite cases require a number of traits: experience, knowledge, compassion.  These hold true regardless of what state the attacked occurred in.  However, the laws and cases applying those laws are very different between Missouri and Illinois.  Notably, you are not restricted traveling between Missouri and Illinois, and dogs do not know what state they bite you in.  The lawyers at the BiState Injury Law Center have experience handling cases in both states because the people and the communities we serve are injured in both Missouri and Illinois.  We have the experience and knowledge to handle dog bite cases in Missouri and Illinois.

Illinois Dog Bite Claims

Representing the victims of dog bites in Illinois

We are committed to helping the victims of dog bites in Illinois.  To better educate victims about their rights and provide information to the public on how they can prevent dog bites in the first place, the BiState Injury Law Center maintains a website specific to Illinois Dog Bite Claims:

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What Are The Illinois Dog Bite Laws?