Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous Drug Claims Handling Drug Recall Claims and Drug Injury Claims in Illinois and Missouri Pharmaceutical companies are always creating and manufacturing new medicines to cure diseases and to ease the pain of those who are suffering. Pharmaceutical companies are very profitable and there is a lot of pressure on these companies to make money. This often leads pharmaceutical manufacturers to rush the production of drugs or rush drugs to the market before they have been fully tested by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Even if the FDA has tested a drug, that does not necessarily mean that the drug is safe. Before the FDA has time to recall a dangerous drug, serious injury or death may have already occurred.Handling Injuries From Recalled Drugs If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to one of the following medications, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately: Vivitrol, Adderall, Accutane, Fentanyl Patches, Gadolinium, Contrast Agents, Trasylol, Viapro, Contact A Drug Recall Lawyer. If you have a question about the personal injury you sustained due to a dangerous drug, you should call to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. Consultations are free, so call us today and we will assist you with your dangerous drug case. You can call Matthew Nagel and the BiState Injury Law Center at (618) 593-8717, email them, or use the contract form to get answers to your questions.