Construction Accidents

Construction Site Accidents Handling Injuries Caused by Construction Sites in Illinois and Missouri Construction site workers literally build our communities. Carpenters, Steel Erectors, Iron Workers and all the other laborers on the site work long hours of hard, physical labor to create roads, infrastructure, hospitals and houses. This profession is a necessary one, but also a very dangerous one. Construction sites are full of dangerous machinery, heavy materials, and many other hazards that can seriously injure workers. On a construction site, one simple mistake may be the difference between life and death.When someone is injured at work or in a situation related to work, they have a workers compensation claim. If you have been involved in a workplace accident, Matthew Nagel and the workplace accident lawyers at BiState Injury Law Center can help you file your workers compensation claim. However, there may be other parties that are responsible for your accident. We work with you to explore all the possible parties that may be at fault. Aggressively Protecting Your Rights. The majority of people believe that work comp is their only option if they were in an accident at work. However, this is not always the case. An example from one of our clients illustrates this point very well. Our client worked at a factory that used forklifts to move heavy boxes and machines. The forklift truck that our client used was equipped with quick release fork lift blades, so that the forklift could easily adapt and carry many different types of material. While he was working next to the fork lift, a quick release blade malfunctioned and our client was struck in the head. He suffered a cracked skull, brain injury and a very serious neck injury. His life and the life of his family was changed forever. Our client filed a workers compensation claim, but we also explored a defect in the forklift to determine whether there was a third party at fault besides our client’s employer.While one may simply settle for a workers compensation claim, aggressive techniques like this set Matthew Nagel and the BiState Injury Law Center lawyers apart from other lawyers. These creative strategies help us maximize our client’s recovery. Before settling for a worker’s compensation claim, call us at (618) 593-8717 and let us thoroughly investigate your case.Experienced Construction Injury Lawyers. Matthew Nagel is an experienced construction accident lawyer in Illinois and Missouri with the necessary experience and knowledge to handle the injuries and legal issues that resulted from your construction site accident. He and the lawyers at BiState Injury Law Center will work with you to aggressively protect your rights and maximize your recovery. Construction site accidents frequently occur and are usually very serious. Your injuries may result in you not being able to work for months or years.For years, Matthew Nagel worked for general contractors and subcontractors defending them from lawsuits brought by people who were injured at a construction site. Now, allow him to use that knowledge to compensate you for the injuries you sustained. The attorneys at BiState Injury Law Center will guide you through the challenging worker’s compensation process, while still ensuring you the opportunity to file additional claims against all of the parties who are responsible for your injury.Injuries to Bystanders and Pedestrians at Construction Sites. The workers on the construction site work in very dangerous conditions. However, those who are walking by the construction site or simply standing next to the site are also in danger. It is the responsibility of the construction crews to keep all materials within the site and to ensure that no materials fall on bystanders or nearby traffic. Although this responsibility may seem obvious, sometimes workers do not take the necessary safety measures. Construction tools fall onto sidewalks, safety hazards aren’t properly barricaded or taped off and other materials fly into the street. If a bystander is injured by any of these things, or any other construction site incidents, they have a valid personal injury claim. The claim may be against the contractor, the owner of the property, the subcontractor or even the project manager, as any number of these parties may have been directly responsible. There are many contracts in place on construction projects. If you were a pedestrian or bystander injured by a construction site, allow an experienced construction injury attorney to handle the case and hold the responsible parties accountable.Contact a Construction Site Accident Lawyer. If you’ve been involved in a construction site accident, please contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at BiState Injury Law Center. Consultations are free, so discussing your case with an attorney will be of no cost to you. Call Matthew Nagel and the BiState Injury Law Center at 96180 593-8717, email them, or use the contract form to get answers to your questions.