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Handling Bus And Train Injuries In Illinois And Missouri

Both the State government and Federal government issue safety rules for bus transportation; however, drivers often overlook these rules. Bus drivers are overworked and disregard any fine or punishment for violating these rules. The most important thing for a bus driver is to stay on schedule. Drivers feel pressure from their employer because staying on time can be the difference between keeping and losing their job. On occasion, the driver’s employer will even pay the fine in order to keep their driver on the road, rather than miss time. Because buses take longer to stop and need more space on the road than normal cars, the driver may not have time to prevent serious injury to his or her passengers and other people sharing the road.

Have You Been Injured By A Bus In Illinois or Missouri?

Helping When You Have Been Hurt On Public Transportation.

There is such a large number of public transportation options. Due to this fact, this often becomes a complicated question to answer. Not all forms of public transportation fall under the category of “bus.”

For example, there are city buses, the Metrolink and Amtrak that run through both states, the L in Chicago, and a significant number of vans, trolleys and other buses. Simply put, anything that involves a vehicle meant to transport a large number of people at the same time is considered a “bus.” Basically, anything other than an ordinary car is included in the category of bus.

The bus accident attorneys at BiState Injury Law Center represent people who have been injured because of a bus. This includes those who were passengers on these vehicles, passengers in or the driver of a car that was struck by a bus, and those injured on the tracks of a train. School Bus Accidents Cases involving children who were struck by school buses or injured on the school bus are some of the most heart-wrenching cases we work on. Whenever a child’s life is lost or changed for the worse, the emotions can be overwhelming.

Our job is to help bring closure to the family involved and to ensure that a similar incident will never happen again. Bus stops need to be moved to the safest locations for the children and school bus drivers need to have the highest level of training possible. We fight hard to ensure both of these get done. There are documents involved in a public transportation accident case that will not be involved in a normal car accident case.

Your bus accident lawyer must make sure the police have an police report that accurately portrays your accident. The National Transportation Safety Board will often investigate a bus accident in addition to the original police report. Other governmental agencies may write a report about the accident as well. All of these reports are necessary to investigating and proving your case.

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