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Reading this, you or someone you love has probably been hurt by the negligence and recklessness of another person or company. Regardess if you were hurt at work, hit by a drunk driver, or were bitten by a dog, your injuries put your family in jeopardy.  Medical bills are mounting, bills are coming due, and you cannot work.  These are often the most difficult times in a person’s life: this is where the BiState Injury Law Center comes in.  Right now the insurance company has put its team of investigators, adjusters and lawyers on your case to build evidence against you.  Their entire goal is to minimize your recovery or flat out deny your claim altogether.

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Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney

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FOCUS.  Personal injury is what we do.  Every lawyer is legally allowed to handle any type of claim that comes across his desk.  However, lawyers, just like doctors tend to focus their effort on certain types of cases.  The more a lawyer works on a particular type of case, they better he gets in that area of the law.  Just like you would not want a foot doctor performing surgery on your brain, you risk your case by not working with a lawyer that works primarily with personal injury cases.  Experience matters when your lawyer is negotiating with an insurance company, drafting a winning motion, or arguing in a court room.  Let’s face it – the law changes every day.  It is impossible to stay on top of all the  changes in the law, if someone is trying to learn about wills and trusts, family law, and criminal law, as well as car accidents and workers compensation claims.  Simply put: by focusing on personal injury cases, we feel that we provide a higher quality service to our clients.

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Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney

When your life and your family’s welfare is on the line, you need someone on your team, fighting against the defendants, against the insurance companies, and against injustice.  We goals are simple: 1.) protect your rights in and out of the courtroom; 2.) ensure you get the medical treatment you need to get on the road to health; and 3.) recover the maximum amount of money to compensate you for your injuries and the suffering that has been inflicted on your family.

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Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney

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ATTENTION.  We know that after an accident, people are dealing with pain, mounting bills and have more questions than answers.  Simply put – if you are calling a lawyer, you are not having a great day.  As part of our commitment to our community, we work a smaller caseload so that we get to know all of our clients.  We want to know more about you than just what happened and how much money can we get for you.  By working on fewer cases, and spending more time with our clients, we do a better job of answering questions and ensuring people have an advocate fighting on their team.  Every person and every situation is different.  By giving you the individual attention that you deserve, we provide a better service and get better results.